I am focusing my campaign for school board and my work once elected around three themes or values: Accountability, Opportunity and Community. Whatever issue we are discussing these three themes merit consideration and discussion.

Accountability – We are all accountable to the children in the District for our actions and our dedication to their success and education. While some call for transparency in government, this is really just the first step. Accountability describes the responsibility each of us has as Board Members, Administrators, Principals, Teachers, Staff and Parents, as well as the broader community to work our hardest to organize, implement and deliver educational service to children that helps them develop into 21st century successes.

As a Board Member, I will continue the work I have already started to provide additional information in the Annual Budget about individual school’s budget. I will facilitate discussions at the Board level regarding the primary financial elements of the District – capital programs, procurement and advocacy for additional funding in Sacramento. And I will hold myself accountable to work as hard as I can to represent the students, families and community on the Board of Trustees.

Opportunity – Every child should enter the classroom every day with an opportunity to learn and grow. For this to be possible, teachers need adequate supplies, support, facilities and a curriculum that can be tailored to the individual strengths and needs of each student.

In order to close the achievement gap and increase academic performance, I will support Superintendent Mathews in his vision for the District in delivering a 21st century education to our students. Teachers require support as well in order for the vision to be realized. This support includes honest discussions about the challenges of large class sizes with limited support staff and an examination of the District’s curriculum to determine what improvements can be made.

Community – San Jose is full of parents, grandparents and other members of the community who are eager to support teachers and the District in improving educational quality and academic performance. The buildings of the District and its resources are ultimately assets owned by the community. As a community, we can all be part of the success story of San Jose Unified School District.

The continued recession will result in reduced revenue to school districts from the State of California. As a member of the Board of Trustees I will advocate at the state and federal level for our share. And I will focus on the Office of Parent Engagement to broaden its scope to all caregivers and the greater community, developing a model that supports Principals and Teachers in their professional work and strengthens the resources brought to the educational table in San Jose.

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